"Losheim 1945 - 1958"

New exhibition in the ArsTecnica building

Border and its history

Losheim 1945 - 1958 - A village, between the fronts and between two countries.Who doesn't know the stories of smuggling, poaching and reconstruction.
In Losheim, directly on the German-Belgian border, there is now a new exhibition which deals with these topics in a very descriptive way, and takes the visitor on a journey into this time. And the exhibition organizers have come up with some ideas.
There are life-size reproductions of various scenes, some with original props.
Even engines of an English and a German airplane, which were shot down in the Eifel, are exhibited.
Everything explained in great detail in display boards, visitors learn background information on the Westwall, customs, coffee smuggling and reconstruction.
Other topics of interest are the return of war returnees, agriculture, the period of occupation and the transition to the economic miracle.

"That's what Grandpa has always told us," enthuses one visitor.

The exhibition is structured in such a way that the visitors take an experience with them.
On the one hand there are life-size dioramas, but also detailed information boards on every topic.
But the focus of the show is more on the people and the themes they had to deal with or wanted to deal with after the war: poaching, smuggling, scrap collecting or the dead and missing.
The exhibition is a tribute to our homeland and to the people who, after the war, had the courage to spit in their hands and rebuilt everything.
The exhibition is located in the ArsTECNICA building in the Old Customs Office in Losheim, Prümer Str. 55 - directly on the German-Belgian border.

A combination ticket with the large model railway exhibition is possible.

Info: www.ardenner-cultur-boulevard.net

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Entrance fees:

Special exhibition Losheim 1945-1958

Adults 6,00 €

Children 3,00 €

Families 17,00 €

In combination with ArsTecnica:

Adults 11,50 €

Children 6,00 €

Family 35,00 €

open daily from 12:00 h to 18:00 h
Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 10:00 a.m. to 18:00 p.m.

"Losheim 1945 - 1958" - News
"Losheim 1945 - 1958" - News
"Losheim 1945 - 1958" - News
"Losheim 1945 - 1958" - News
"Losheim 1945 - 1958" - News
"Losheim 1945 - 1958" - News
"Losheim 1945 - 1958" - News
"Losheim 1945 - 1958" - News
"Losheim 1945 - 1958" - News
"Losheim 1945 - 1958" - News
"Losheim 1945 - 1958" - News
"Losheim 1945 - 1958" - News
"Losheim 1945 - 1958" - News