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Vintage and More

Winter Edition - Nov. & Dec. 2018

Located on the German - Belgian border, Vintage and More is a newcomer where you can find unique and timeless pieces. Vintage and More offers a wide selection of clothes, toys, books and other accessories at a fair price.

Well-equipped from birth

In November, December and January the "Winter Edition" takes place. It's worth a visit...

Second hand is trendy

Many items offered are from top manufacturers and have good quality. My goal is to offer such products for a fraction of the original price. With secondhand you do not only do something good for your wallet, but also for our planet.


Take care - At Vintage and More, you're guaranteed to find something suitable for the time with the hidden bundle of happiness under your heart. From classics and basics to trendy pieces - everyone will find something here.

Baby and kids clothes

Always a bargain - buying clothes can be very expensive. Vintage and More sells high quality fashion in all sizes at affordable prices. The choice of shoes offers something for every weather.

Toys and books

What makres children hearts beat faster - From a cuddly toy to a tricky game. Everything can be found. Find age-appropriate materials to train your cognitive and motor skills, or just a nice present for your loved one.

Other equipment

A great choice - Whether you're looking to buy strollers, high chairs, rockers, changing tables, bathtubs, sheets or anything else, Vintage and More is sure to make a difference.

Let go, clean up, clear out

Exchange and commission business are desired. For more information visit

  • The boutique is located in the Ardennes Cultur Boulevard, directly under the art exhibition.
  • The office is open from 11:00 to 18:00 on Saturdays and Sundays