OldHISTORIES - historical post-war exhibition

Border stories from Losheim 1945 - 1958

A village, between the fronts and between two countries ...

... and many stories that this important place has to tell. Stories from the post-war period, of coffee smuggling, poachers and reconstruction.

The historical post-war exhibition OldHISTORIES - fittingly housed in the old customs office - is a tribute to our homeland and takes you on a journey back to the initially gloomy, yet hopeful time of change. A time when people became creative in order to ensure their survival.

Very true-to-life insights in miniature dioramas and re-enacted scenes with some original props, and with a lot of vividly told background information and facts on various information boards (QR code for translations in EN, FR, NL). Even the engines of an English and a German aeroplane that were shot down in the Eifel are on display.
However, the focus is on the people of the region who worked hard to rebuild everything after the war.

"That's what Grandad used to say!" enthuses one visitor.

Opening hours:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday open from 12 pm till 6 pm

Entrance fees in combination with the H0 railway exhibition:

  • Adults: € 8.00
  • Children (6 - 12 years): € 4.00
    Children under 6 years have free admission (except children's groups, price on request)
  • Family ticket (2 adults + maximum 4 children): € 20.00