Belgian beer specialities

A paradise for beer connoisseurs.

The Belgian supermarket on the border, AD DELHAIZE, stocks a wide range of Belgian special beers and here, the heart of any beer drinker beats faster. The combination of a centuries-old beer tradition and today's passion of brewers in their quest for refinement and perfection has resulted in Belgium producing exceptional beers with authentic history and groundbreaking expertise. This is another reason why Belgian brewers constantly win prizes in major international beer competitions.

As for history, it always starts with women.

The brewing of beer goes back to the earliest cultures and originated in Mesopotamia in 9000 BC. Beer reaches the Gauls via Egypt and the Roman Empire. Brewing beer was initially a household task for women, abbeys and monks. In the early Middle Ages, abbeys developed into centres of knowledge for agriculture, cattle breeding and crafts, including brewing. Because the water quality was so poor, the monks were allowed to drink the typical regional drink to a limited extent. In our regions it was decided that beer should be brewed. Thanks to the monks, brewing beer developed from a household to a craft activity.

And so the customary art was further developed over centuries.

Since the turn of the century, the interest in authentic special beers has been growing. The best-known and most popular beer brands, which are intensively supported by marketing and PR, are contrasted by Trappist beers - which are slowly but surely becoming more and more exclusive due to the restrictions on production - and special beers full of character from local and family breweries. In recent years, more and more hobby brewers have begun producing their beers. These are sold on a smaller scale, directly or in a local establishment.

And the supermarket on the border offers a large selection. The accompanying gift packaging is also ideal. Come and have a look and not only beer connoisseurs will find something new.

The AD DELHAIZE is open daily from 8 to 18:30 also on Sundays.

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