Ardennes bordermarkt Super market AD Delhaize

Belgian chocolates & chocolates, Belgian beers, bakery & confectionery, Ardennes hams & sausages, coffee paradise with weekly special offers.


Our shop is open from 8:00 to 18:30, even on weekends.

Save money ... in the Ardennes border market in the GrenzGenuss

For decades the Belgian supermarket DELHAIZE has been your address for magnificent Belgian chocolate, original Ardennes ham, French cheese and a wide selection of international beers and premium wines ... and our great selection of coffee at extremely reasonable prices.

Weekly special offers

Where once small and large smugglers were afraid of being caught by customs, today lies the "Ardennes Cultur Boulevard".

In the associated, Belgian supermarket "Delhaize" you can find among other things, the wonderful COFFEE PARADISE, with more than 250 delicious varieties. All current German and international brands, in all packaging units and for all types of preparation, are constantly in stock and in large selection for you. For all coffee connoisseurs and enthusiasts, we also offer very special and rare brands such as the famous Belgian "Chat noir". Not to forget our special selection of organic and Fairtrade products... Especially the prices... Due to a much lower coffee tax, the coffee in Belgium is much cheaper than in Germany and as a permanent offer!

And what grandma always knew, coffee is health-promoting! The drink has a positive effect, it reduces the risk of a heart attack, stroke or diabetes, prolongs life and shows a protective effect against Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. Scientists from the American Health Authority came to this conclusion in their latest studies. So dear coffee drinkers...enjoy your favourite beverage.

Save money... in the Ardennes border market at the GrenzGenuss!

Open daily from 8.00am to 6.30pm. Also open on WEEKENDS and HOLIDAYS!