Belgian chocolate

"We must save the Earth; it is the only planet with chocolate!"

Chocolate is more than just a stimulant; it calms the nerves, in moderation promotes health and delights children and grandparents alike.

And if you want to enjoy really good chocolate, you have to come to Belgium.

Because this small country has the longest chocolate tradition and the most varied and high-quality offer. The reason lies in its history and the numerous small producers who want to outdo each other.

Over the centuries, Belgium has acquired an excellent reputation in the art of chocolate making. It all began in the 17th century in Ghent.

Today, Belgium has more than 320 "chocolateries" and produces over 725,000 tons of chocolate annually. Four important inventions mark the history of Belgian chocolate: the invention of the praline and the ballotin, the introduction of the chocolate spread and the development of the transport of liquid chocolate.

In 1912, Jean Neuhaus Jr. invented the praline, the first chocolate with a soft filling. In 1915 his wife developed the first "Ballotin", a noble box in which the chocolates were packed. And this success story has continued ever since.

In the GrenzGenuss directly on the German-Belgian border in Losheim/Eifel you will not only find inexpensive coffee, rare Belgian special beers or delicious Belgian rice cake; here you will also find a true Eldorado for chocolate lovers. A true chocolate paradise. In the Belgian supermarket DELHAIZE you will find a never-ending chocolate shelf with all the well-known brands such as Cote d´or, Callebaut, or Jacques. And of course smaller companies are also represented. On the praline shelf there are in all variations and forms, boxes and gift packages that truly delight every recipient.

And those who attach importance to selecting their chocolates individually will find what they are looking for in the OldSMUGGLER Café-Bistro. Here there is a special chocolate counter where each customer can individually choose his darlings.

The GrenzGenuss offers something not only for connoisseurs. There is a rich art and culture offer, several exhibitions invite to marvel and stay.

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