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A day without coffee is unthinkable for many Germans. It is their favourite drink in the morning. Without a cup of the popular hot drink, many people don't wake up at all. Every German drinks a good 150 litres a year, about half a litre a day. The brown hot drink is more popular than ever among Germans: Germans drink 2315 cups of coffee every second. Who wants to know in detail: That's 73 billion cups per year.

And here it is important to mention the price differences.

Directly on the German-Belgian border in Losheim/Eifel, there has been the famous border shop "Ardenner Grenzmarkt" for decades - today it belongs to the Belgian "Delhaize" group. Where customs used to be and smugglers were afraid of being caught, there is now a shopping and leisure centre. The "Ardenner Cultur Boulevard" with various exhibitions and shopping facilities as well as gastronomic establishments. The Belgian supermarket "Delhaize" is home to the coffee paradise.

More than 250 types of coffee can be found here. All common German and international brands in all packaging units and for all types of preparation are always available in a large selection.
But also special and rare brands can be found here. Like the famous "Chat noir" from Belgium or a special selection of organic and Fairtrade products.

The special thing is not only the selection but the price.
Due to a much lower coffee tax than in Germany, coffee in Belgium is much cheaper.
And these are not locomotive offers but permanent offers.

Interesting for coffee drinkers. What Grandma always knew.

New studies show that coffee is good for your health.

More and more studies suggest that coffee has a positive effect on health - and reduces the risk of heart attacks, strokes or diabetes.

Coffee consumption prolongs life.

Coffee-lovers live longer. That sounds too good to be true. In fact, scientists from the U.S. Department of Health have come to this conclusion. In a recently published study, they investigated how regular coffee consumption affects mortality. It was found that coffee consumption has a slight life-prolonging effect. Caffeine also has a protective effect against Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

In animal experiments caffeine showed a protective effect against Alzheimer's disease. If researchers added caffeine to drinking water in mice suffering from Alzheimer's, the symptoms of animals already suffering from the disease also improved. The bean drink also appears to reduce the risk of Parkinson's disease. In any case, coffee drinkers are less susceptible to the disease, as has been shown in various epidemiological studies. In animal experiments, caffeine prevents the degradation of nerve cells.

So dear coffee drinkers - enjoy enjoy coffee.

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